Hotel Management Software

Our aim to help small or medium sized hotel & motels to help them in managing the hotels and motels effectively. We offer the best business solutions and services to all who belongs the hospitality industry. Hotel Management Software is designed to fulfill all the unique needs of the hotel with its multifunctional facility which is integrated with POS and PMS to automate your operations and amplify your profit. Whether you want to manage front office, reservations, housekeeping, accounting, marketing, sales, payrolls or even feedback of your prestigious guests, we have everything that meet your unique hospitality requirements. Our Hotel Management Software services allow you to carry out the process through computerization, which can be access easily and quickly. We aim to keep the cost and resources as low as possible by eliminating the need of providing training to the staff or maintenance. Check out the status of the hotel, when the guest check-in and check-out, selecting the room, table of your choice, billing, payment and much more facilities. Improve your hotel operations with our solutions.

Hotel management Software Features

1 check-in Entry check-out Entry
2 Reservation Entry Cleaning Service Entry
3 Master Settings Laundry service Entry
4 Food Service Entry General Service Entry
5 check out bill Message Alerts
6 Report By Rooms, Bill no Customer Master, Tax Reports
7 Tax Module [GST/VAT] GST Reports Based On 5%, 12%, etc.,

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